David McCracken, Founding Director of David McCracken Ministries

In the last few years we have had to take our organisation from essentially my wife and myself to a fully functioning team of 10 people. Then last year we had to transition many of that team into their own organisations and see them launched successfully.

It is no exaggeration to say that this process would have stayed a noble dream if it were not for Rosie’s remarkable gift in seeing dreams become realities.

Rosie has an incredible ability to see clearly the steps that are necessary to take inspired hopes and bring them into reality. She also has amazing people skills that not only empower the individual members but see them working together in synergy.

Her background in Business Management and Accountancy has been a tremendous asset to us and has increased our financial strength on numerous occasions.

As a Christian Ministry it was essential to have not only one that was highly skilled for the job but someone that was a woman of faith. We needed one that could hear God’s voice and speak the wisdom of Heaven into the environment. Rosie’s counsel proved to be exactly that on so many occasions. The team and I were encouraged and empowered by that wisdom and the humility of spirit in which it was shared with us.

Perhaps her greatest uniqueness is her capacity to not only envisage growth but empower an organisation to achieve that growth.

For me, as a visionary leader not wanting to be involved in the practical outworking of that which I initially birth, Rosie’s character and integrity were a tremendous strength. Quite simply, I could and do trust her without qualification.

I highly commend Rosie to any individual or organisation wishing to experience sustainable growth. Her gift will take you there.

Peet Venter, Former BMW Franchise Managing Director in South Africa

Her work ethic, integrity and values are beyond reproach. She came into the position never having worked in a Franchise car dealership and performed far above my expectations. I would often use her as a sounding board for strategic decision-making in the dealership, and to that end she displayed wisdom and insight. She is one of those rare individuals who does not have to rely on in-depth knowledge of an industry to be effective. Rosie is not only highly experienced in her field but a leader who is easily followed.

She is a highly dedicated, committed and innovative individual who was instrumental in building the company. Without her I would not have been able to do it. Rosie will be an asset to any organisation in whatever role she chooses.

Mike Raiter, Former Principal of Bible College Victoria/Melbourne School of Theology

One of the best decisions I made as Principal and CEO of Melbourne School of Theology (MST) was to appoint Rosie Eloff as the Administrator of the organisation.

MST had just completed the relocation of the campus, and MST was in need of an overhaul in its financial reporting and management. In a remarkably short time, Rosie accomplished this overhaul. Apart from expertise in accounting, she is skilled in management, both organisational management and in managing people.

Personally, she was a delight to work with, proving an invaluable support to me at this crucial juncture in the College’s history.

Steve McCracken, Executive Director of David McCracken Ministries

Rosie is gold! Her ability to ask the right questions to get you on to the track where you need to go is amazing. Her insights and efficiency are outstanding, I often wondered how something that was just spoken about was actioned so fast. Rosie excels at understanding business and people; drawing the best out of both. I know she will help you move forward.

Gerhard de Jager, Former Eloff & Co. Employee

I’ve had the pleasure to be mentored by Rosie as a SAIPA (equivalent to CPA intermediate accountant traineeship) articles clerk, after completing my Year 12. Under Rosie’s mentorship I was able to develop from knowing only basic accounting principles to a senior intermediate accountant. I was given the authority to interview and advise clients, delegate and teach work to younger staff and compile and present financial statements with confidence.

I will always be grateful to her. It would be impossible to count the ways Rosie has helped me in my career development. Her leadership, support, integrity and mentorship have helped me grow into the person I am today.