Case Study

BMW Dealership – South Africa (2005-2010)

Following the dream of a visionary man, Rosie was employed as the Financial Manager at the very new BMW dealership in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In spite of having no knowledge of the industry, Rosie was instrumental in implementing control systems to ensure fluent operations of the well-branded business.

Rosie’s trusted Human Resource skills were put to work as she was given the authority to employ and manage operational staff members. She was part of the process of the BMW dealership transitioning from small to medium within the first 2 years.

Eloff & Co. Accountants – South Africa (1995-2004)

Two major aspects of Rosie’s life changed in 1995: becoming a mother and launching an Accounting Practice. Early days stretched her patience and diligence to the maximum. The real challenge was to schedule clients around full-time child care and keeping a tidy, professional home office.

Due to exponential client growth, the home office soon had to be replaced with larger offices and eventually a business property was acquired. Aiming to impact and serve her local community, Rosie transformed her accounting practice into a registered training centre. She employed young, like-minded pupils after they graduated from Year 12 and trained them into becoming qualified CPA (SA) accountants and tax practitioners.

God blessed Rosie’s hard work, and clientele grew from 1 to 700, and personnel from having none to 12 full-time employees over a 9 year period. During this time Rosie implemented processes to adapt to the increase in clientele and staff. She was responsible for all aspects of Financial Management and Human Resources.

David McCracken Ministries – Australia (2013-2017)

‘When Rosie came to David McCracken Ministries, we were a ‘family run’ organisation that was big on family but not on organisation. Due to ignorance, we realised that many of the necessary requirements were not in place. Rosie jumped straight in and brought our organisation in line with what was required and did so in a way that relationships were honoured. Her efficiency and ability to think through all that was needed moved our organisation forward. I had great confidence that if we needed to think about or do something, Rosie would bring it to my attention and make it happen.’   – Steve McCracken, Former CEO of DMM